"Cut Costs, Improve


 Performance and Increase





In Just 4 Months





No Matter What Your Business or

Team Does, No Matter What Industry

You're In...


Stop wasting money on high priced tools and consulting fees when what is REALLY keeping you from high performance and being the best in your industry is:

  • A lack of an effective, turnkey business model
  • Failure to adopt best practices
  • Ineffective performance metrics
  • Choosing the wrong business intelligence tools
  • And nobody to tell you EXACTLY how to run a high performing business


Transform your business by applying the Secrets of High Performing Organizations


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Imagine how productive your organization would be if your employees, systems, processes and programs operated with synergy and one goal in mind, achieving peak performance and reaching goals faster.  If you’re unhappy with your organization’s current performance or feel like you don’t know enough about what drives your business read on.

FACT:  There are secrets that high performing organizations know that place them way ahead of their competition.  You MUST get an edge on your competition!

Imagine turbo charging your organization’s performance and cutting costs at the same time.  I’ve helped organizations yield performance improvements of 300% and greater in as little as three months implementing these secrets.

Hi, my name is Victor Holman and I’m here to tell you that you too can be a high performing organization… in much less time than you’ve ever imagined

How would you like to be able to quantify your organization’s performance at every level?  Just imagine if you knew EXACTLY where your weaknesses and cost savings opportunities were and even better, what step by step processes you needed to implement to turbo charge your organization’s performance.

I’ve taken the best practices and processes that have made my clients successful, and integrated them into a system ANY business can fully implement…WITHIN 120 DAYS!




The Most Complete Business Performance Management Solution EVER DEVELOPED


...for a fraction of the cost!


The Performance Mastery System™

“101 Proven Success Strategies that Cut Costs, Improves Performance and Increases Productivity within 120 Days!


Discover the secrets and techniques that high performing organizations know, but NO ONE has packaged…until now


I’ve worked for top international consulting firms.  I’ve been the performance management subject matter expert in these organizations.  I've spoken internationally.  And the questions that my colleagues and clients always seem to ask me are:


“how do I align performance with organizational goals and objectives?”

“how do I get people, processes and systems to perform at a high level?”

“how do I know if I'm measuring the right things?”

what do I do AFTER results have been achieved and momentum begins to shift?”


After several interviews and extensive research, I identified 35 best practices and 48 key processes that drive organizational performance.  I developed a feasibility analysis system that determines which of these best practices have the greatest impact on your unique organizational needs.  I developed an interactive, adaptive performance roadmap which highlights your critical path to success.  I developed an on-line tool to gather information regarding your organizational processes and assess your performance strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for immediate improvements and cost savings.  And I developed all of the tools, templates, plans, and training necessary to ensure that your performance initiative goes smoothly…FROM START TO FINISH.

Watch your business soar beyond its greatest goals once these simple best practices are applied and the obstacles are removed.


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These are the secrets that make top performing organizations successful.  If they work for successful organizations, they will work for yours!


   "We needed a solution we could implement in-house…Your Performance Mastery System delivers a ton of information.  Your Best Practices Roadmap is priceless.”


      Paul Schoolfield


         ITX Design


You Don’t Have Six Months…One Year…or Longer to Learn This!

These are competitive times.  The business failure rate has jumped 9.5% in the past year.  To continue to grow and increase productivity you need a competitive edge.

Performance management is a complex process that affects every aspect of your organization.  You have to manage your employees, teams, processes, systems, programs, products, services, etc.  That can be an overwhelming task and take years to fully understand.  In fact, fewer than 50% of executives are happy with their understanding of what drives cost and profit / value.


The turnkey system I’m about to share with you will change the way you look at performance management.  It evaluates your organization’s performance strengths, cost savings opportunities and areas for immediate and long-term improvements. 

I provide an on-line, dynamic assessment tool that adjusts as your organization moves toward performance goals.

My feasibility analysis identifies which performance management best practices will have the greatest impact on your organization based on your specific needs and objectives.

I outline 280 processes that drive performance.

I show you exactly how to implement 35 critical best practices

I share with you a simple, proven performance model that addresses the essential components of performance management.

I deliver a custom step-by-step performance roadmap which walks you through each phase of the Lifecycle Performance Framework™. 

I provide an illustrative strategic map of your organization's unique critical path for reaching performance goals in the shortest amount of time.

I analyze the value and effectiveness of the performance metrics you currently have in place.

And I give you all of this immediately following your investment.  All you have to do is take an in-depth survey that management within your organization can easily complete.

Within days you could be using these secret advanced performance management strategies to transform the effectiveness of your organization!

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This System is Easy to Implement and Provides Fast Results.

I’ve managed large scale performance initiatives where teams of consultants implemented solutions over one year contracts and longer, before negotiating follow-up contracts to do it all over again.

But at the end of these successful implementations, I’ve always asked the questions “How could we have done this faster?” and “What if we eliminated the obstacles that bring performance initiatives to a halt?”

You see, it’s the consulting team’s goal to bill projects over long periods of time.

It is MY GOAL to deliver these same solutions to you in a fraction of the time…while leveraging your existing resources!

That means serious cost savings for you!!!


"Just what we needed…This kit is full

of valuable information. Your analysis

provides a detailed plan that is simple

to follow.”


    David Priddy

    Regional Sales Manager

    ThyssenKrup Elevator



It Took Eight Years to Develop a System That Tackles All These Obstacles and Drives Performance Success

My passion is performance management.  I’ve been managing performance projects for the past 10 years.  Mostly long term projects of one year or longer.  The greatest satisfaction for me is the gratitude I receive when organizations realize significant performance gains and cost savings.  It has become my goal to share this experience with many more organizations.

To make this happen for myself and other businesses, I knew processes and best practices had to be documented, an effective and easy to follow framework needed to be created, and extensive research on the major and minor hurdles that cripple performance initiatives needed to be documented.  Most important, I needed to address the questions that I’m asked everyday by people like yourself...the owners...the business managers...the consultants.

If you have engaged in a performance initiative you probably have come across one of these common obstacles that significantly diminished your performance capabilities:

  • Lack of effective framework
  • Failure to identify and/or adopt best practices
  • Ineffective metrics/measurements
  • Lack of buy-in from stakeholders
  • Poor planning/follow up
  • Insufficient use of business intelligence tools

I came to the realization that practically ALL businesses needed a turn-key, simple, and effective system to walk them through the entire process and eliminate these performance obstacles once and for all.  Simply buying tools and outsourcing services were not giving executive management the insight they needed to drive decision-making.  The result of my research was a product that addresses all of these issues.

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The secret formula that high performing organizations know that 99% don’t are delivered in this multimedia success package


Here’s a “Sneak Peek” inside the techniques and concepts of the “The 120 Day Performance Plan:  A Step by Step Guide to Implementing A World Class Performance Management Solution”. 

This implementation guide is an invaluable tool designed to help you execute each phase of the Lifecycle Performance Management Model.

Here are just some of the invaluable techniques and concepts included in this free guide:

Learn what only the top performing organizations know and find out what separates your organization from theirs

Don’t even begin your performance initiative until you’ve done these four things

Learn the six reasons why performance management initiatives fail and make sure you never make these mistakes…again!

Learn the four critical areas to performance alignment

Eliminate the question “now what?” and “what’s the next step?” with this customized, adaptable roadmap

Discover the framework for approaching performance throughout your entire organization

Managing performance is not complex…when your organization applies this information sharing and collaboration technique

These six steps will lay the foundation for your strategic alignment

Learn the ten characteristics of a good KPI

These six methods will gain stakeholder acceptance and put your employees in a peak performance mindset

These 35 best practices will transform the way you define performance success

This critical step MUST be broken before your organization can establish high performance synergy

Develop powerful, effective metrics that drive organizational success

This process will make sure you’re measuring the key processes that define your organization’s success.

Learn how to align individual, team, departmental, divisional, and management performance to organizational objectives

Learn how to develop simple, unique measurements that go beyond industry standards

These seven functions will align your workforce to corporate strategy and objectives

These common financial metrics are a must for ensuring financial success

Avoid these common pitfalls in aligning performance to organizational strategy

Learn this simple, step by step process for creating cross-functional process flowcharts

These basic data integration principles will save you time and money, and transform your data into decision-making information

Be alert for these 5 challenges regarding data quality

Don’t let these six mistakes keep you from continuously improving

Are you implementing these PMBOK performance management processes in your projects?

Implement this 5 step process when managing performance reporting

Don’t spend another penny on business intelligence tools until you’ve examined these criteria for choosing the one that best fits your data/architecture needs

Know these 7 steps before planning and implementing a service level agreement

Learn how to create a performance dashboard in three incredibly easy steps

Learn how your top performing teams apply performance management best practices and leverage those processes to other areas that are lacking those strengths

These simple, yet critical processes can transform your organization


As you can see, I’ve held nothing back.  It’s all here…all of my years of researching and applying the very best techniques that will make your organization soar to the next level… GUARANTEED!  THERE IS NO OTHER SOLUTION LIKE THIS!


Is your investment in business intelligence truly paying off?


According to market research firm Dynamic Markets, the impact of inadequate intelligence on the business alone costs an organization, on average, $478,686 a year.

What if you could maximize your return on investment on your current and future business intelligence tools? 

Don’t spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on business intelligence tools until you’ve applied the critical principles outlined in my system.

We’ve become an economy so dependent on technology that we sometimes fail to implement the organizational processes that are the foundation of performance success.  Instead, we buy these tools hoping they will take away our pains.  And we often end up with a tool that is underutilized and requires an expert and continuous support costs.  More Pain!  This is what business intelligence manufacturers don’t want you to know.  The less you know about your organizational processes, the less effective these tools are.  They don’t know how to prepare your organization so that these tools are utilized properly.  This is where my Lifecycle Performance Management Solution comes in.

I show you exactly what you MUST consider when choosing each type of business intelligence tool.  Learn this before you invest another dollar on products and services.

 The Lifecycle Performance Management Solution Is Perfect For…

small business owners looking to establish better internal processes

mid size businesses looking to measure and streamline processes, and leverage current resources

large business executives that need to understand how well performance is distributed across their enterprise

performance management teams looking for the secrets that drive organization performance

organizations that value performance, but just need a solution that walks them through the process

managers that are tired of spending money on business intelligence solutions that don’t deliver a return on investment

managers that want to see a holistic view of their performance strengths and weaknesses

government agencies interested in improving contract performance

any organization interested in increasing productivity


No matter what industry you are in, no matter what size your business is THIS SYSTEM WILL WORK FOR YOU!


“This solution is perfect for small


businesses trying to implement best


practices. We’ve already begun


implementing processes and aligning


performance to our objectives. Very




     Levine Forsythe


    Capital Services and Supply, Inc



A Different Approach to Managing Organizational Performance

Most companies have some form of performance management processes in place.  You have probably baselined current performance, applied a set of performance metrics, identified goals and created a plan to reach your goals.  But where most companies fail are in the intangibles, such as gaining employee acceptance and buy-in, aligning performance to organizational objectives, choosing the right business intelligence tools, etc.  It’s the intangibles that can bring your performance initiative to a halt.  I’ve spent the last eight years identifying and documenting what these intangibles are, and this solution identifies 48 of them.

Just think, if you simply address these intangible processes while implementing your existing performance solution, you could guarantee a successful performance initiative.

It doesn’t matter what your business is, what products or services you provide, or what industry you are part of… If you don’t implement these secrets that high performing organizations know, you are only scratching the surface of understanding your true performance capabilities.

Metrics quantify high performance, but it’s the best practices and processes that get you to that level.


“Your solution showed us a different


angle at managing performance. Your


analysis explained why we were


performing the way we were.  And your


recommendations showed us how to


move forward. Great product!  Thanks




    Jahan Moghadam

   VP Operations

   WorldWide Solutions, Inc



What Gets Measured, Gets Done?

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘what gets measured, gets done’.  Well, that’s true.  But equally true is HOW it’s measured determines HOW WELL it gets done.  You can use all the industry standard metrics you can find, but if your internal processes aren’t in place to educate and motivate those being measured, or if different departments are executing the same functions differently, the systems you have in place will not drive peak performance.

The Organizational Performance and Best Practice Analysis Tool evaluates your approach to performance management and measures HOW WELL you utilize performance management best practices throughout your entire organization.

Are you beginning to see that there is a different, better way to approach performance management than you are accustomed to?  Can you see how a lack of a common, effective approach to performance management across your organization is limiting your potential?

This unique system will enable you to:

  • Develop performance measures that drive decision-making
  • Align projects and activities with overall strategic goals
  • Transform your employees into high performers and ensure team effectiveness
  • Identify your mission critical processes and improve those that limit your organization's performance
  • Research and evaluate business intelligence tools and fully utilize their capabilities
  • Get the best performance out of your organization and reach your business objectives



“I’m a management


consultant and this system has


techniques and methodologies I can


apply for my clients.  This package is


full of valuable techniques.”


     Mike Dyer


     Booz Allen & Hamilton



Enhance Decision Making With Quantitative Scoring Systems

My innovative Best Practice Scoring Systems and Performance Portfolio make planning your performance initiative easy.  I remove all of the grueling analysis and difficult decision-making with my Performance Index, Feasibility Analysis, and Impact Value scoring systems.  Making the right decision is as easy as connecting the dots!


Performance Is Interwoven Into Every Aspect of Your Business

It used to be that performance was managed in one department.  Now, it has found its way across the entire organization, with just about every division focusing on performance management to some degree.

Yet, enterprise-wide performance initiatives are not the norm.  Instead, every division has their own way of measuring performance; causing greater complexities, eliminating collaboration, and limiting decision-making capabilities.

I share with you techniques for getting your entire organization to approach performance management the same way and changing the culture of how your organization values performance.


Victor, thanks for your support and taking

the time to help us through the

implementation stage.  You have a great

product.  We immediately started seeing



    Juan Descaire


    Alexandria Granite and Marble



Maximize Performance by Leveraging Your Organizational Strengths

Wouldn’t your job be much easier if your strongest departments shared their processes and knowledge throughout your agency?  There are departments within your organization that manage areas of performance better than others.  The premise of the Organizational Performance and Best Practice Analysis Tool is to measure all the critical performance management processes necessary to be a high performing organization.  By fully understanding where your organization utilizes best practice processes well, I show you how to leverage those strengths and resources to departments that need them the most.


Best Practice Strengths


Cost management

Human Resources

Leadership development, staff motivation

Marketing / Sales

Customer management

Operations (Production, Customer Service)

Performance metrics management, customer satisfaction


Vendor management, vendor standardization

Research and Development

Performance scope management, change management

Information Technology

Business intelligence, information systems

Communications / Public Relations

Customer satisfaction management


Mission and objectives management, policy management

Example of Organizational Strengths by Best Practice


Your Custom Performance Roadmap is Your Critical Path to Success

Often times, after their performance initiative is complete, people ask me “what now?” or “how do we continue to improve now that we’ve reached our original goals?”

I provide you with a custom Best Practices Roadmap illustrating your process strengths and weaknesses, and the logical path for your business to follow in order to achieve high performance levels in the shortest amount of time.  Your custom roadmap identifies quick wins, and a step by step implementation plan highlighting most feasible best practices and processes which yield the greatest impact.  Best of all, it’s dynamic.  As your organization implements it’s processes your Roadmap changes accordingly.  So you always know “what’s next?”.

My company manages government

contracts.  It’s important that we are able to

quantify our performance.  You package

provides techniques and processes that

enable us to deliver a high level of

performance to our clients.


     Christopher Neary


     Neary Management Services



Your Performance is Only as Good as the System You Have in Place

I’m not selling a tool.  I’m offering a process and system for your organization’s ability to perform at the highest levels possible.  And I’m doing this at a fraction of the cost of hiring a team of consultants or implementing another business intelligence tool.

Here’s What You Won’t Have to Do:


You WON’T Have to Spend Money on Lengthy Contracts and Costly Billable Rates – Everything you need to implement a successful performance program in-house is included.  Plus, my analysis identifies cost savings opportunities for your organization.

You WON’T Have to Suffer From The Mistakes That Most Companies Make No need to worry about making the common mistakes most performance teams make because I list them for you and I provide techniques to ensure they don’t happen to you.

You WON’T Have to Reinvent the Wheel – You don’t have a comprehensive performance framework?  No problem.  You don’t have an actionable performance plan?  No problem.  You don’t have an experienced performance staff.  No problem.  I provide EVERYTHING you need to execute your initiative from start to finish!

You WON’T Have to Wait a Long Time to See Results – This system is fast and it’s effective.  I can turn around your performance analysis in 48 hours.  My analysis ensures that you have the proper processes in place to avoid any time consuming obstacles.   Plus I identify opportunities for immediate improvements.  You can be seeing results immediately.


So, What’s The Secret?

You see, a great performance program is what makes businesses stand out from their competition.  A great performance program is essential to building a great business.  And a great business is essential to survive this competitive market and economy.

With a minimal investment and a willingness to approach performance management in a different way, I can help you implement ENORMOUS improvements in a matter of weeks.  That’s right, weeks.

Utilizing my unique performance scoring indexes and feasibility analysis, I can identify the performance areas and best practices that will transform your business into a high performing synergy of people, processes and technology.  I can help you identify the quick wins and “low hanging fruit” to ensure that your initiative starts out with a bang.

How Much Does All This Cost?

So how much is all this?  How much does it cost to catapult your performance to the next level?  Only a small investment of $199.  This heavily discounted, recession buster price is the equivalence of sending one employee to a half-day training course.  That’s it!  And you receive everything that I mentioned above, including the comprehensive on-line Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis Tool.

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But That’s Not All…

If you take action now, in addition to this valuable solution I will give you

$1630 worth of FREE bonus materials


I will give you my arsenal of performance management tools which is sure to guarantee you success.

“The 120 Day Performance Plan:  A Step by Step Guide to Implementing A World Class Performance Management Solution”

This implementation guide is an invaluable tool designed to walk you through the phases of the Lifecycle Performance Framework and help you apply the secrets of high performing organizations.



This is a $129 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now.

Performance Management Seminars

If you order the Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis now, I’ll give you the multimedia package entitled “What High Performing Organizations Know...”, which includes the Performance Management Seminars:  Implementation Series  for free.

 In this ten volume video set you’ll learn:

·     How to evaluate and choose the right business intelligence tools for your data and architectural needs

·     How to plan and implement an effective service level agreement

·     How to align performance with your organizational strategy and objectives

·     How to break down functional thinking within your organization

·     How to create baselines that establish goals and standards

·     How to ensure performance success through the continuous improvement model

·     How to identify key processes that drive the success of your business

·     How to develop simple, unique metrics that go beyond industry standards

·     The difference between Scorecards and Dashboards and how to use both to drive organizational performance

·     New techniques for measuring and reporting customer  satisfaction


This is a $290 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now.

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A thirty minute One-on-One consulting session.  You will receive one-on-one assistance on your Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis and expert advice on your current or future performance initiative.

This is a $100 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now.

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Performance Management Template Packet. These 37 templates and checklists walk you through each phase of the Lifecycle Performance Framework™.  Templates included are:

Business Objectives and Alignment Template

Organizational Impact Assessment Template

Risk Assessment Template

Roles and Responsibilities Template

Logic Model Template

Strategic Alignment Template

SWOT Analysis Template

Vision and Performance Scope Definition

Performance Methodology Implementation Template

Planning Session Template

Change Management Checklist

Organizational Change Management Template

Communication Plan

Gaining Employee Acceptance Template

Metrics Repository Templates

Report Repository Template

Pre-Implementation Training Questionnaire

Training Needs Analysis Template

Performance Management Plan

Performance Matrix Template

Planning Session Template

Process Evaluation Scorecard

Process Profile Template

SMART Metrics Template

Vendor Assessment Weighted Criteria Template

Data Management Tool Evaluation

Planning Session Template

Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan Checklist

Quality Control Checklist

Quality Management Plan

Dashboard Template

Data Warehouse Data Model

Employee Appraisal Form Template

Employee Performance Indicators Template

Performance Management Report Log

Report Repository Template

Lessons Learned Template

This is a $258 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now.   

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Performance Metrics/KPI Repository.  The Performance Metrics Repository consists of over 600 performance metrics and key performance indicators.  The metrics are delivered through various metrics tables covering financial measures, key performance indicators, IT performance metrics, project management metrics, HR performance metrics, and communications metrics.  All metrics include definitions and formulas and some contain performance thresholds and industry benchmarks. 71 total pages.

This is a $39 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now. 

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Business Intelligence Tools Guide The Business Intelligence (BI) Tools Guide  covers various types of business intelligence tools; capabilities, functions, pros and cons for each type, and what to look for when choosing the right vendor for you.  In addition, this guide summarizes the top vendors for various business intelligence types.  The BI Tools Guide is great for organization's that need guidance on identifying the features, capabilities and the most appropriate tool for their specific business and technical needs.

This is a $39 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now.

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Lifecycle Performance Management Methodologies.  In addition to all of this, I’ll give you 54 illustrated Lifecycle Performance Management Methodologies

These detailed methodologies include:  

Lifecycle Performance Management Model

Lifecycle Performance Framework

The Performance Lifecycle

Best Practice Roadmap

Lifecycle Performance Roadmap

Government Performance Management Framework

Decision Support Systems Model

Strategic Planning Lifecycle

Knowledge Management Process

Strategic Performance Management Planning Process

Organizational Goal Alignment

Cross Functional Process Management

Lifecycle Performance Improvement Process

Process Performance Lifecycle

Lifecycle Performance Metrics Identification Methodology

Performance Alignment Process

Employee Performance Lifecycle

IT Performance Lifecycle

Data Integration Lifecycle

Data Quality Management Process

Performance Integration with Knowledge Management

Performance Integration with Quality Management


Information Supply Chain Model

Performance Reporting Process

ETL Model

OLAP Model

Metadata Lifecycle Process

Data Warehouse Model

Service Level Agreement Process

KPI Metric Flow

Scorecard / Dashboard Development Process

Customer Satisfaction Lifecycle

Organizational Development Inputs

Organizational Change Management Inputs

Performance Integration with Information Technology

Performance Integration with Strategic Planning

Performance Integration with Organizational Development

Performance Integration with Change Management

Performance Integration with Project Management

Performance Integration with Human Resources

Performance Integration with Customer Satisfaction

Performance Integration with Workforce Performance

Performance Integration with Process Improvement

SWOT Analysis Inputs


This is a $99 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now.


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Lifecycle Performance Framework Fundamentals GuideThis reference guide is full of concepts and methodologies that shape Lifecycle Performance Management. 

This is a $59 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now.

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The 120 Day Performance Challenge  This online Business Performance Implementation tool walks you through each step of the Lifecycle Performance Framework, through daily activities and tutorials that transform organizational performance in 120 days.  The challenge includes 179 project tasks as outlined in “The 120 Day Performance Plan:  A Step by Step Guide to Implementing A World Class Performance Management Solution”.  The 120 Day Plan identifies the dependencies and processes that can expedite your performance implementation.  The 120 Day Plan allows to go at your own pace...with a little encouragement.



This is a $199 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now.

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Decision Support Systems

and Tools Guide

Decision Support Systems include software, frameworks and other tools that can be used as part of a structured decision-making process.

The Decision Support Systems and Tools Guide gives you a broad understanding of the many techniques and processes used to make organizational decisions.



This is a $19 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now.

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'What High Performing Organizations Know' Presentations Series

This 15 presentation set tackles tough issues in performance management and provides concepts, techniques, and methodologies to overcome all of your performance management challenges


Presentations Cover the Following Topics:

  • Aligning performance to organizational goals and objectives
  • Performance baselining techniques
  • Breaking down functional barriers within your organization
  • Choosing the right business intelligence tools
  • Developing metrics that drive decision making
  • Developing and implementing scorecards and dashboards
  • Developing and implementing SLAs (service level agreements)
  • Gaining employee acceptance and getting them into a high performance mindset
  • Identifying key processes
  • Concepts of Lifecycle Performance Management
  • The Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis
  • The Performance Improvement Model
  • Performance management best practices
  • Why performance initiatives fail


This is a $99 value.  And it is yours for FREE if you order now.

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So Let’s Recap All That You Get:

The 120 Day Performance Plan:  A Step by Step Guide to Implementing A World Class Performance Management Solution

Reg. Price $129.00


The Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis

Reg. Price 



Performance Management Seminars – Informational, Planning and Implementation Series

Reg. Price 



30 minute One-on-One Consulting Session   

Reg. Price


Performance Management Templates  

Reg. Price



120 Day Performance Challenge 

Reg. Price 



Performance Metrics/KPI Repository 

Reg. Price



Business Intelligence Tools Guide           

Reg. Price


Lifecycle Performance Management Methodologies Guide

Reg. Price


Lifecycle Performance Management Fundamentals Guide    

Reg. Price


What High Performance Organizations Know Presentations  

Reg. Price


Decision Support Systems and Tools Guide

Reg. Price



            Total Bonuses

Reg. Price



How Much Does All This Cost?

So how much is all this?  How much does it cost to catapult your performance to the next level?  Only a small investment of $199.  This heavily discounted, RECESSION BUSTER PRICE is the equivalence of sending one employee to a one-hour training course elsewhere.  That’s it!  And you receive everything that I mentioned above. I'm able to deliver this amazing service to you because I can deliver it electronically and through the online assessment tool.

Total Value $1,829

Your Cost Today - $199

You Save Over $1,630 When You Order Today

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…And There’s No Risk to You

My solution either delivers on everything I’ve told you about in this message… OR… it’s yours to keep… for free!  I take all of the risk out.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I have seen these techniques and concepts work.  I know that there is not a solution out there that COMPARES to the detailed analysis, the valuable information, the original framework and the methodologies that my solution incorporates.  This solution is packed full of ideas you can immediately put to use and pay back your investment immediately.  I am very confident that you will be fully satisfied.  My reputation is on the line.

Take 30 days to look all of this information over.  Test drive it.  Give it a try.  Apply my recommendations using the supplemental tools and guides I provide.   Do it all.  Then, if it doesn’t deliver everything that I promised… If you don’t see your organization’s performance in a clearer picture… If you don’t immediately see how applying the processes outlined in my recommendations, my performance management guide, my methodologies and my video seminars can transform your organization’s performance… or, if you simply feel that your organization will benefit more by utilizing high priced consultants and their then simply return the packet with a constructive explanation of how this product failed to deliver or could have been better and I will give you a full refund*.  No questions asked.

The only thing standing between your business and unlimited performance potential is taking action and implementing what you learn immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with“What High Performing Organizations Know…" The Lifecycle Performance Management System today.

This heavy discount and generous bonus will only be part of this offer for a limited time.

Your business will never be the same. I guarantee it.

Interested? Click Here To Transform Your Organization>>


“I’m sure that you’ll find this solution to be one of a kind…an invaluable source for learning about your organization and implementing best practices”



Victor Holman


P.S. Remember, for a limited time, by taking action today, you’ll get the Organizational Performance and Best Practice Analysis ($500.00 value), “Performance Management Seminars:  Informational, Planning and Implementation Series” ($290.00 value), a 30 minute One-on-One Consulting Session with Victor Holman ($100.00 value), 37 performance management templates and checklists for fast and easy implementation ($258.00 value), 600+ Performance Metrics/KPI Repository ($19.00 value), the 120 Day Project Plan ($19.00 value), the Business Intelligence Tools Guide ($19.00 value), The Decision Support Systems and Tools Guide ($19.00 value), 43 Lifecycle Performance Management Methodologies ($59.00 value) and the Lifecycle Performance Framework Fundamentals Guide ($39.00 value), What High Performing Organizations Know Presentation Series ($99.00 value).

Total Value $1,829

Your Cost Today - $199

You Save Over $1,630 When You Order Today

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What happens if you don’t take action today?

Let me ask you a question. Which will cost you more? Trying these proven performance strategies that improve performance, save costs and deliver results (at no risk!) or spending money on high priced tools and costly consultants and hoping they don’t make the common mistakes that most consultants make.

Your number one enemy is procrastination. Every day you delay costs you money in lost productivity. You’ll continue to struggle on your own and miss more and more opportunities for cost savings and performance improvements – that is, unless you take action.

If you want to become a high performing organization, YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. It won’t happen by itself.

Remember, performance alignment starts with processes…by understanding how your entire organization approaches performance management…not by throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars into complex tools.

What will it cost you if you don’t respond today?

The companies and agencies that have applied these strategies and techniques to become high performing organizations have seen their income double and triple. Imagine if you could save just $20,000 a year (which is a modest cost savings).

Over the next five years you could save $100,000 or a whole lot more.

With my risk-free money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. The only way you can lose is letting these performance obstacles keep you from maximizing performance.

Discover how to become a high performing organization and take control of your business today!  Take action today and join other high performing organizations.

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