Performance Measures General Questions

Please rate your metric program for each question on a scale of 0 – 5 (5 meaning that all metrics are designed  to support question, 0 meaning no metrics support the question)



Metric definition Rate
Metrics are defined, documented, and accessible to all stakeholders (e.g. Metrics glossary or repository)
Metrics are simple and easy to understand by those being measured and those whom reports are generated to
All stakeholders have buy-in on how metrics are calculated
Metrics data is validated throughout the data collection process
A metrics repository that lists all metrics, their formulas, data sources, persons responsible for data, target performance, and business objectives supported is in place and accessible to key stakeholders


Metric definition Rate
Performance metrics drive organizational mission and goals
Metrics focus the organization on the most important processes
Metrics support the company’s strategy (such as measuring initiatives, pilot programs, new processes)
Metrics quantify how well your organization is in meeting its objectives
Metrics are integrated into a reward system to increase effectiveness


Metric definition Rate
Metrics are identified for every core process
Employee metrics are centered around supporting their teams ability to achieve objectives
Employee’s understand how their role supports organizational objectives
Business objectives are aligned to IT systems
All reported metrics support at least one organizational objective

Decision Making

Metric definition Rate
The information that executives need in order to make successful decisions is documented
Less time is spent gathering information and more time spent on decision making
Senior management utilizes integrated systems and direct access to data rather than email correspondence and reports
Senior management is close to the data and have it readily available at hand to make effective technical and business decisions
An integrated dashboard provides up to the minute data for quick decision making