Lifecycle Performance Framework

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The Lifecycle Performance Framework is a group of 48 performance-related processes, activities and documents, sequenced throughout five phases, and designed to raise organizational awareness of performance management best practices and processes.  When addressed properly, these 48 activities address common performance obstacles and challenges and transform organizations into high performing organizations. 

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The Lifecycle Performance Framework is part of the Lifecycle Performance Management Model. The specific processes and methodologies are outlined in the Lifecycle Performance Management Kit and will help you link business objectives, IT solutions, personnel and performance requirements to organizational missions and goals and enable you to focus on adaptation and mission-critical decisions.

The Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis evaluates how well organizations address these 48 activities and provides a custom step by step performance roadmap for reaching organizational goals and objectives.

Find out how the Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis will guide you through each phase of the framework.

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 The Lifecycle Performance Framework


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