Performance Management Guide


Is an ineffective performance framework keeping you from performing at the highest level possible?


Would you like to implement performance best practices, but just don't know what they are...or how?


The Lifecycle Performance Management Fundamentals Guide introduces the most complete performance management model developed.


Within minutes you'll discover how to apply 35 performance management best practices and 48 key activities to increase productivity and improve organizational performance.



That's not all...if you sign up today, you will also receive four more powerful resources to take your business performance to the next level!  Absolutely FREE.


The additional bonuses you will get with your Performance Management Guide include:

The Performance Management Fundamentals Guide

11 Performance Management Video Seminars

15 Performance Management Presentations

Six Performance Planning Templates


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Why Am I Giving This Away For Free?

Because I want to share this unique concept for managing performance with as many organizations as possible.  I believe that if you take these resources and examine my frameworks you will be interested in learning about how the Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis will guide you through each phase of the Lifecycle Performance Management Kit (which includes 39 templates, 6 guides, 43 methodologies, 600 metrics and much more).



Performance Management Fundamentals Guide

In this free kit you will receive my performance management fundamentals guide, which provides the concepts of Lifecycle Performance Management, describes the 35 performance management best practices, illustrates several performance management frameworks, introduces decision support systems tools and performance management definitions.  The guide introduces a framework that embraces best practices, addresses key performance processes, and tackles the complex, intangible issues that affect performance the most.




Performance Management Templates

In addition, you will receive the following performance management planning templates:


Performance Management Plan Template

Communication Plan Template

Vision and Scope Definition Template

Dashboard Development Template

Logic Model Template

Training Needs Analysis Template



Video Seminars

You'll also receive access to my 11 volume video seminars series titled 'What High Performing Organization's Know'.  Topics discussed in these video seminars:

The Concepts and Principles of Lifecycle Performance Management

Performance Management Best Practices

Transforming Business Through the Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis

Gaining Employee Acceptance and Getting Them Into a High Performance Mindset

Creating Performance Baselines That Establish Goals and Standards

Breaking Down Functional Thinking Within Your Organization

Developing and Implementing SLAs That Drive Organizational Performance

Ensuring Performance Success Through Continuous Improvement

Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Tools for Your Data and Architectural Needs

The Six Reasons Why Performance Management Initiatives Fail

An Inside Look into the Lifecycle Performance Framework




Performance Management Presentations

In addition, I am going to give you 15 performance management presentations (viewable in Adobe Acrobat) that address the challenging issues that my clients and members often face.  


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In addition to this free performance management kit, I will send you tips, techniques and solutions to your performance management challenges as they are identified and addressed on my website.

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