Taking Advantage of a RSS Feed Network Marketing Plan

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Success in network marketing is all about bringing attention to the product and network you are involved with. Unless others can be made aware of both you and your affiliated company, then they will not end up as part of the necessary down line required for your venture to make money. When it is said you must positively use every promotional avenue available to you, this is no exaggeration. One overlooked, yet extremely helpful, promotional plan would be to use a RSS feed network marketing strategy. Basically, this is a means of syndicating news about updates to any article marketing strategy you may be employing.

A RSS stand for Really Simple Syndication. Anytime you create something new, your RSS feed quickly reveals new updates to those reviewing the RSS reader. For those not familiar with how this works, do not worry. The process entails little more than using the copy and paste functions on your computer.

First, you need a source for a RSS feed, which would commonly be a blog or any other venue in which you can publish written material.

How beneficial can this process be? To answer that question, put yourself in the reading chair of a potential new member. The way to do this is another easy step. There is probably an RSS feed being published by the parent networking marketing company you belong. Likely, a major affiliate marketing entity is publishing news about itself online. When new updates are made,, you can quickly click on the RSS feed links and review the new material. You never have to be out of the loop as far as knowing what the network is up to.

And yes, you can follow this same strategy to let members of your down line (and would be members) know what you are up to. In fact, launching a RSS feed network marketing update is well advised. Doing so allows you to continually catch the eye of those interested in learning about new affiliate marketing opportunities.

At this point, some might be saying they are okay with social networking and blogging, but something new along the lines of an RSS feed may be a little too much for them to grasp. Well, they might feel this way until they learn how incredibly easy the process is. You see, all the hard work has already been done for you. A blog or hub or other online article publishing venue already has an address created for an RSS feed. So, if you have a blog, you also likely have a URL for an RSS feed. Rather than create one, you just have to find it. More than likely, simply typing in RSS in the FAQ section will reveal where you can find it. Usually, it is just an extended version of your main blog/hub URL with the letters RSS factored in somehow..

Once you have found the RSS URL, all you have to do is use the copy and paste function to submit the address to various RSS feeds. There are likely scores of readers you may be able to reach with your RSS feed network marketing related articles and they may be targeted through these many directories.

While the process may be an easy one, do not think that it is so easy you can ignore the basics. The articles promoted on your RSS feed have to be valuable so people will want to read them. They certainly are not going to care about a RSS feed that leads them to poorly composed blog entries or articles. Also , you have to be consistent with your writing. Infrequently updates do not exactly make you or your network marketing endeavor look all than dynamic.

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