Innovative Ways to Produce Electricity

With the grand advent of technology, it is undeniable that our lives have roughly embraced all of its components, leaving us utterly dependent on the services that it provides.

The electricity for instance, serves as a security blanket that runs every bit of our everyday dealings, making us trashy and unproductive without it. However, being the intellectual mortals that we are, a few Einstein-like people have managed to look for alternative ways to produce electricity aside from the usual hard-wire setting. Here are some of the innovative schemes in generating electricity without having to trace the posts situated along the street sides.

As we know, the biggest invention of all times is the electrical energy.

Traditionally speaking, there are also a variety of methods in producing such long before this generation. The good thing is that they are as effective now as they once were.

Consider the following:

1. Fossil fuel combustion - this is done when a large quantity of water is heated up to produce vapour through blazing fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, and petroleum. Then, electricity is generated while certain engines are propelled using the produced vapour. 2. Through water in dams - this is actually a popular way of producing electricity. Dams as they are known usually function as water storages and reservoirs. Little do we know that they can also be used in another way such as utilizing water to give power to the turbines, therefore aiding them to create electrical current. 3. Wind energy can practically be converted into electrical energy as well. It is common for providing energy in handy cell phone chargers. As a matter of fact, if you travel around places like New Zealand, windmills can easily be spotted. 4. Bio-waste - this medium is basically one of the recent and most accessible ways to produce electricity. Certain chemicals from waste can be generated to form electrical energy as well.

Furthermore, if you are someone looking for more adventurous alternatives instead of the widely used and traditional strategies, then you might want to take note of the following methods: 1. Eco-night clubs - power generating blocks, which produce electricity eventually, can feed certain power batteries to sustain other electrical devices further. Interestingly, the more activity done on the dance floor, the more power it can create.

2. Electricity generating arm-band - take this as an example; a phone is being charged through an arm band that’s attached to the user. The thing is, the person has to do varied kinetic movements in order to keep electricity transported to the phone. Not only do you lose weight, you also produce electrical energy. 3. Convert out sweat into electricity - there is what we call a power generating gym that converts AC to DC. The output that is reflected on the grid is considerably small but simply imagining yourself pedalling for about thirty minutes can already run your laptop for an hour! Technology and the advancements that it upholds are simply spectacular and is by far, the greatest invention man has ever created. It not only helped our ancestors to keep the transition goingimage , but it also helps us to figure how our future will be like. What’s even more is that you can always add a little touch of fun and excitement to everything that’s dynamically innovated.

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Colin McDonald writes on behalf of Haven Power

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