Decision Support Systems and Tools

Decision Support Tools are software, frameworks and other tools that can be used as part of a structured decision-making process.  A few decision support tools include statistical analysis, sampling plan development, data acquisition, ranking systems, data management, compliance/emergency response, modeling, visualization, risk assessment, remedial process selection, cost estimation and long term monitoring and system optimization.

My Organizational Performance Analysis measures your organization’s utilization of various decision making processes and decision support systems and tools.

The Performance Management Kit provides all of the tools, templates and methodologies to implement performance management processes in-house, leveraging your current resources, and saving you thousands in consulting fees and expensive tools.

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The Best Practices Analysis Tool provides a feasibility analysis that determines which best practices have the greatest impact on your unique organizational needs.  Based on your strengths, weaknesses and unique organizational needs, the Best Practice Roadmap illustrates, in simple color coded graphical format, which processes and techniques you must implement, in the proper sequence, to reach your organizational objectives in the shortest amount of time possible

But that's not all!  I have developed all of the tools, templates, plans and training material necessary to ensure that your performance initiative goes smoothly...FROM START TO FINISH!

I can come to your location, conduct interviews with the appropriate staff, gather all appropriate  data, perform a detailed analysis and deliver your step by step plan to approaching your next performance initiative.

Or, if you are looking for a proven toolkit to implement your solution in-house, my Lifecycle Performance Management Kit is the perfect solution.  And you can try it RISK FREE!   If you decide after 30 days that my solution doesn't provide the insight and tools that you need to get to the next level, simply let me know and I will give you a full refund of your materials.  No questions asked!

Check on my Best Practices Roadmap to learn more about how Lifecycle Performance Management can help you.

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